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From "That's a Winner", by Jack Buck, with Rob Rains & Bob Broeg.

"I've never sat down and added up how many hundreds of players I've had the privilege of watching in Cardinals uniform, but some have stood out among the rest. It's never easy to put together an All-Star team, but here is my shot at the greatest players I've seen with the Cardinals since I first began broad-casting for the team in 1954:

Catcher is a close race between McCarver and Ted Simmons, but I have to give the edge to McCarver, because he was on the three pennant winning teams in the 1960s. Simmons hit more homers, but the only time he won was in 1982, when he had been traded to Milwaukee in the American League.

I have put McGwire on first, even though he hasn't worn a Cardinal uniform very long. What has surprised me is that some people already are putting McGwire ahead of Musial as their all time favorite Cardinal. They are talking about naming bridges and highways after him. Musial is still the greatest player to ever wear the uniform. His longevity, statistics and team records are remarkable. He is a wonderful person. Occasionally he walks up to kids and say "Hello, I'm Stan the Man," and they don't know what he's talking about. That's a shame.

Julian Javier would be my second baseman, ahead of Tom Herr, who makes the team as a backup infielder. I have to exclude one of my best friends, Red Schoendienst, because he was traded to New York and Milwaukee only a couple of years after I began to broadcast for the Cardinals. Ozzie Smith was the best I've ever seen at shortstop, and Ken Boyer is my choice at third base.

Joining Musial in the outfield are Lou Brock and Curt Flood. Willie McGee makes my team as the fourth outfielder.

I would go with four starting pitchers - Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton (even though much of his career was spent with the Phillies), John Tudor and Bob Forsch. Bruce Sutter would be my closer, with Lindy McDaniel earning recognition for the job he did before closers began receiving so much notoriety.

Whitey would be my manager.

Thinking of these people, and having the honor of watching them perform as I did, brings a smile to my face. Nobody has enjoyed as rewarding life as much as I have. I can only wonder what lies ahead."


Manager Whitey Herzog
First Base Stan Musial
Second Base Rogers Hornsby
Third Base Ken Boyer
Shortstop Ozzie Smith
Left Field Lou Brock
Center Field Curt Flood
Right Field Enos Slaughter
Catcher Ted Simmons
RH Pitcher Bob Gibson
LH Pitcher Harry Brecheen
Closer Bruce Sutter

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Johnny Keane, Tony LaRussa

Jack Buck, Harry Caray

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