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L.A. Angels of Anaheim

2006 Baseball America #57


Edison Field ęPhotofile Edison Field ęPhotofile
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Jered Weaver

"He's a polished pitcher with an innate feel for putting hitters away." --anonymous scout

Casey Kotchman First Base BA 2005
Dallas McPherson Third Base BA 2005
Erick Aybar 2B/Shortstop BA 2006, BAn 2006
Jeff Mathis Catcher BA 2006, BAn 2006
Kendry Morales 1B/Outfield BA 2006, BAn 2006
Brandon Wood Shortstop BA 2006, BAn 2006
Howie Kendrick Second Base BA 2006, BAn 2006
Jered Weaver RH Pitcher BA 2006, BAn 2006
Nick Adenhart RH Pitcher BA 2006

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