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Chicago White Sox

2006 Top Ten Prospects *

2006 Baseball America #24

Chicago White Sox - U.S. Cellular Field
Chicago White Sox - U.S. Cellular Field
Smith, Mike
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Bobby Jenks

"I think he's got the mentality to be an outstanding closer. When you throw the ball 100 miles an hour and then command a wicked breaking ball, I don't think you need much more." --Birmingham manager Razor Shines

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1 Bobby Jenks RH Pitcher
2 Brian Anderson Outfield
3 Ryan Sweeney Outfield
4 Josh Fields Third Base
5 Jerry Owens Outfield
6 Robert Valido Shortstop
7 Ray Liotta LH Pitcher
8 Lance Broadway RH Pitcher
9 Francisco Hernandez Catcher
10 Sean Tracey RH Pitcher

* Source: Baseball America

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