Arizona Diamondbacks

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Written 10/1/99

This is my historic ticket. Historic because this is the first ever Major League Baseball playoff game to take place in Arizona! Even though it's in the upper deck and among 50,000 others, it's still historic to me... because it's also the first playoff game that I will ever see.

Note that the date and opponent are TBA. This all depends on what happens this weekend with the Houston Astros, Cincinnati Reds, and possibly the New York Mets. We could play any of those teams. The variations are VERY complex, but I will predict that we will face the Reds on Tuesday.

As long as I'm prognosticating, I'll also predict that the 1999 World Series will match the Yankees with the Diamondbacks!


What a difference a week can make! Obviously we are batting the Amazin' Mets instead of the Reds. I think the D'backs will win the series in 5 games and continue to think that they'll face the Yankees in the Series.

Opening game of the 1999 Division series

Bank One Ballpark

Hall of Fame Exhibit at BOB

Diamondbacks All Time Team


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