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Baseball Prospects

Successful Major League Baseball franchises need to "grow their own" players through astute scouting, analysis, drafting, and developing their talent through their farm system (unless you have unlimited cash to waste like the New York Yankees).

The premier source for data on young players is Baseball America, which supplies abundant material for analysis. They also publish Top Ten prospect lists and Top 100 lists that are widely discussed among fans, who strive to see how their favorite teams are progressing in this area--an arena of dreams and hope for the future.

Other sources for prospect information include Baseball Analysts, On Deck Baseball Prospects, Baseball Prospectus, and Fox Sports.* Click on the team logos for current and recent top rated prospects by organization. These are the stars of the future.

National League

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American League

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* Note: Abreviations for sources will be Baseball America (BA), Baseball Analysis (BAn), Baseball Prospectus (BP), On Deck Baseball Prospects (ODBP), Fox Sports (FS)

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