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Ultimate "Other" All Time Second Baseman


Martin Dihigo



"The greatest player I ever saw was a black man. He's in the Hall of Fame, although not a lot of people have heard of him. His name is Martin Dihigo. I played with him in Santo Domingo in winter ball in 1943. He was the manager. He was the only guy I ever saw who could play all nine positions, run and was a switch hitter. I though I was havin' a pretty good year myself down there and they were walkin' him to get to me."

-- Johnny Mize

One of the greatest all around players in baseball history, Dihigo ("El Maestro") played second base with exceptional grace, was an exceptional center fielder, and won over 250 games as a pitcher. He is a Hall of Fame member in four countries: United States, Mexico, Venezuela, and Cuba.

* Source: Baseball's Other All-Stars by William F. McNeil

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