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Founded: 1876

1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings

First Professional Team

Harry Wright
Founder: Harry Wright

1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings
Standing (left to right): Cal McVey, Charels Gould, Harry Wright, George Wright & Fred Waterman.
Sitting (left to right): Andy Leonard, Doug Allison, Asa Brainard & Charley Sweasy.

Making history not only as the first professional club, the 1869 Red Stockings also ran off the longest winning streak in baseball history. Although there was no league yet established, the Red Stockings defeated all 15 of the upper tier teams and also clobbered a number of lesser clubs. Their final official record was 57-0. They never lost until 1971 when they fell 15-13 to the Boston Red Stockings (Braves).

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Manager Harry Wright
First Baseman Charles Gould
Second Baseman Charles Sweasy
Third Baseman Fred Waterman
Shortstop George Wright
Left Fielder Andrew Leonard
Center Fielder Harry Wright
Right Fielder Calvin McVey
Catcher Douglas Allison
Pitcher Asa Brainard
Utility Richard Hurley

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