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Founded: 1901


New York Yankees

Wally Pipp
Wally Pipp

Most famous for being the first baseman who sat out a game to allow Lou Gehrig to begin a remarkable string of consecutive games. His name is now used by veterans who do not want to be "Wally Pipped" by an upcoming rookie that wants their job.

Yankee Boys
Yankee Boys
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Manager Miller Huggins
First Baseman Wally Pipp
Second Baseman Aaron Ward
Third Baseman Joe Dugan
Shortstop Everett Scott
Left Fielder Bob Meusel
Center Fielder Whitey Witt
Right Fielder Babe Ruth
Catcher Wally Schang
RH Pitcher Waite Hoyt
RH Pitcher Bob Shawkey
RH Pitcher Sam Jones
RH Pitcher Joe Bush
LH Pitcher Herb Pennock
Relief Pitcher Carl Mays


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