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2006 Baseball America #62

2006 Top Ten

Minute Maid Park - ęPhotofile Minute Maid Park - ęPhotofile
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Troy Patton

"I think Troy is as good of a lefthander as we have brought into this system since I've been here. His stuff is plenty good."
--Astros senior director of player personnel Paul Ricciarini

Enron Field - Houston, Texas
Enron Field - Houston, Texas
Smith, Mike
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Top 100 MLB Prospects

Troy Patton LH Pitcher 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Jason Hirsh RH Pitcher 2006 BAn
Fernando Nieve Pitcher 2006 BAn
Chris Burke 2nd Baseman 2006 BA
Ezequiel Astacio RH Pitcher 2006 BA
Hunter Pence Outfield 2006 BAn

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