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2006 Baseball America #5

Arizona Diamondbacks - '05 Logo / Cap and Glove
Arizona Diamondbacks - '05 Logo / Cap and Glove
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Stephen Drew

"He's got power. He can hit for average. He's got instincts. He has all the defensive tools to play an outstanding shortstop. He is one of the most instinctual players for his age that I've ever seen." --Diamondbacks scouting director Mike Rizzo

Top 100 MLB Prospects

Carlos Quentin Outfield 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Conor Jackson Outfield/First Base 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Sergio Santos Shortstop 2005 BA
Stephen Drew Shortstop 2006 BAn, 2006 BA
Chris Young Outfield 2006 BAn, 2006 BA
Garrett Mock RH Pitcher 2006 BAn
Carlos Gonzales Outfield 2006 BAn, 2006 BA
Miguel Montero Catcher 2006 BAn
Dustin Nippert RH Pitcher 2006 BAn, 2006 BA
Justin Upton Shortstop 2006 BA

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