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2006 Baseball America #53

2006 Top Ten *

Jacobs Field - Cleveland, Ohio Jacobs Field - Cleveland, Ohio
Smith, Mike
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Jeremy Sowers

"He just commands all his pitches well and finds a way to get it done. Sometimes you don't know how he did it, but by that time you're walking back to the dugout shaking your head." --Winston-Salem manager Chris Cron


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Top 100 MLB Prospects

Adam Miller RH Pitcher 2005 BA, 2006 BAn
Michael Aubrey First Base 2005 BA
Franklin Gutierrez Outfield 2005 BA
Brad Snyder Outfield 2005 BA
Jeremy Sowers LH Pitcher 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Andy Marte Third Base 2006 BA, 2006 BAn

* Source: Baseball America

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