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Colorado Rockies

2006 Baseball America #25

2006 Top Ten Prospects *

Coors Field - Denver, Colorado Coors Field - Denver, Colorado
Smith, Mike
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Troy Tulowitzki

"He's better than Bobby Crosby. He could play in the big leagues right now. He can hit, hit for power and he's the whole package defensively with a plus-plus arm." --anonymous scout

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Top 100 MLB Prospects

Ian Stewart Third Base 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Jeff Francis LH Pitcher 2005 BA
Chris Nelson Shortstop 2005 BA
Ubaldo Jimenez RH Pitcher 2005 BA
Ryan Shealy First Base 2006 BAn
Troy Tulowitzki Shortstop 2006 BAn, 2006 BA

* Source: Baseball America

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