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Philadelphia A's

All Time LH Pitcher

Lefty Grove

Lefty Grove

1925 - 1941

300 - 141 record, 3.06 ERA

Regarded by many as the greatest pitcher of all time, Grove led the 1929-31 Athletics dynasty by posting records of 20-6, 28-5 and 31-4. But financial problems forced Connie Mack to sell his star pitcher to the Red Sox after the 1933 season. His .680 lifetime winning percentage is eighth all-time, and his lifetime ERA of 3.06 (when adjusted for the hitters' parks he played in and his era) is the best of any pitcher in history at 48 percent above average.


Manager Connie Mack
First Baseman Jimmy Foxx
Second Baseman Eddie Collins
Third Baseman Frank Baker
Shortstop Miguel Tejada
Left Fielder Rickey Henderson
Center Fielder Al Simmons
Right Fielder Reggie Jackson
Catcher Mickey Cochrane
RH Pitcher Catfish Hunter
LH Pitcher Lefty Grove
Closer Dennis Eckersley
Designated Hitter Mark McGwire

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