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Los Angeles Dodgers

2006 Baseball America #62

2006 Top Ten Prospects *


Jonathan Broxton

Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California
Smith, Mike
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"He blows it by people, has deception in his delivery, a power breaking ball and a feel for it. Broxton looked like a bigger Bartolo Colon out there, with a better body." --anonymous scout

1 Chad Billingsley RH Pitcher
2 Andy LaRoche Third Base
3 Joel Guzman Shortstop/Third Base
4 Russell Martin Catcher
5 Jonathan Broxton RH Pitcher
6 Scott Elbert LH Pitcher
7 Blake DeWitt Third Base
8 Matt Kemp Outfield
9 Etanislao Abreu Second Base
10 Chin-Lung Hu Shortstop

* Source: Baseball America

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