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2006 Baseball America #42

Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, California
Smith, Mike
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Russell Martin

"He's obviously one of the better hitters in the league, yet at the most premium position. He basically shut our running game down and said, 'If you're going to run, you're going to make outs." --West Tenn manager Bobby Dickerson

Top 100 MLB Prospects

Joel Guzman Shortstop 2006 BA, 2006 ODBP
Chad Billingsley RH Pitcher 2006 BA, 2006 BAn, 2006 ODBP
Edwin Jackson RH Pitcher 2005 BA, 2006 ODBP
James Loney First Base 2005 BA, 2006 ODBP
Andy LaRoche Third Base 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Russell Martin Catcher 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Greg Miller LH Pitcher 2005 BA, 2006 ODBP
Scott Elbert LH Pitcher 2006 BA, 2006 BAn
Chuck Tiffany LH Pitcher 2006 BAn
Andre Ethier Outfield 2006 BAn
Matt Kemp Outfield 2006 BAn
Blake DeWitt Third Base 2006 ODBP
Jonathan Broxton RH Pitcher 2006 BA

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