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Allan H. "Bud" Selig

1998 -

Bud Selig

A life-long baseball fan, Bud Selig followed the old Milwaukee Brewers minor league team and the Chicago Cubs while growing up and became a Braves fan when they moved to Milwaukee. When the Braves left for Atlanta, Selig formed a group that was instrumental for returning Major League Baseball to Milwaukee, and was rewarded when the Seattle Pilots relocated.

During Selig's tenure new stadiums have opened in Arizona, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Colorado, Detroit, Houston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle and Texas. Although presiding during the 272-day player strike in 1994 and 1995, the game seems to be regaining its fans. Among the changes:

  • Interleague play
  • Revenue sharing
  • Three-division formats in the American and National leagues
  • An extra tier of playoffs and the Wild Card
  • Consolidation of the administrative functions of both leagues into the Commissioner's Office
  • Enforcement of steroid policy.